Our Approach

We have customer first approach to doing business. That is to say that we are as interested in your project as you are and we will help you to complete it the way that you expect it to be completed.

Our Story

Growing up in the East Coast of Canada I spent my early years on construction sites with my father. My father was/is a master carpenter and new home builder. In my early teens, living in Nepean, I starts and ran my first company, a landscape company that provide service around the west end on Ottawa.

Service For Your Home was created based on the values that I learned while growing up: A job is complete when the client is satisfied.

Today “Service For Your Home” brings together the best of the best, experts that pride themselves on the founding values our the company: A job is complete when the client is satisfied .

Meet the Team

We have a large team of experts that are available and experienced to help you with any job that you need completed around your home. We bring a personal touch to every job that we do.

Jeff Seeton

Founder & CEO

Jeff Seeton founded JobMatcher.ca INC in 2007. ServiceForYourHome is a division of JobMatcher.ca

Mike Fortin


Mike has been working in the field of construction and home renovation for over 35 years. From complete home builds to small and large reno’s, Mike is a expert in all things construction.

Additional Contractors

Electrical / Landscape / Roofing

We provide expert contractors in any field.

Next Steps…

Contact us today for a free quote or just to chat about what you are thinking of doing. We would be happy to help.